Centurion Aerospace’s, prime objectives and work ethic revolves around customer satisfaction, world-class service delivery, honesty, reliability, quality, conformance and aviation safety. To this end the company maintains memberships and accreditations to / with ISASI, ALEA, local & international Civil Aviation Authorities, TRACE Certification, ISO Certification and Membership to local Chamber of Commerce.


The company strives to constantly monitor, improve and build on its reputation, policies and procedures as a leading support, supply, consultation, military and commercial parts, services, aircraft sales & leasing support partner. To always maintain and ensure that international regulations, certifications, ITAR and export regulations are conformed and adhered to at all times.

Centurion Aerospace will strive to always ensure that any and all products supplied to any customer, will conform to the defined OEM standards, specifications, certification, conformance and traceability as stipulated by FAA AC-056B, EASA and RUSSIAN SCAA (FATA) Regulations.

To this end the company has developed, implemented and maintains systems for:

        Quality assurance & inspection


        The use of a controlled document of written policies and procedures

        Regulatory documents, record storage and parts traceability

        Obsolesce management

        Health and safety

        Regulatory circulars and directives updated and implemented

        Conformance with export control regulations

        Conformance with TRACE - Anti-bribery and corruption policies

        Supply chain activities to manage a list of approved, accredited, certified and

        reputable OEM’s, MRO’s, vendors & suppliers

        Maintaining of certifications, professional institution memberships and active

        involvement in the Aviation Industry.

Centurion Aerospace, its management and staff’s promise is to keep open, honest and verified communication internally & externally with suppliers, customers and regulatory institutions to maintain a working environment which conducts business with integrity, ethic and constant improvement, in terms of its operations, policies and procedures.

Quality Policy